Aloe Vera Gel Powder

Aloe Vera Gel Powder
Active Ingredients:
(An enzyme which hydrolyses fats. )
Alkaline phosphatase

The Aloe Vera Gel powder is for non-surgical tightening of the face, neck, and décolleté skin. This beauty product soothes and tightens the skin. At the same time, it improves microcirculation, enhances metabolism in cells, effectively smooths wrinkles, strengthens tissues, and corrects the oval of the face. The high content of Aloe Vera extract provides long-term skin hydration, boosts immunity, and improves natural skin regeneration.

Regular use can significantly slow down the aging process of the skin. Aloe Vera Gel powder is recommended for all skin types that have lost elasticity, including sensitive thin skin with telangiectasias. Has a lifting effect. Due to the revitalizing properties of aloe, medicinal cosmetics containing this component "stimulate" dormant hair follicles to life, stimulate the growth of new hair, and thus improves their density. Also, Aloe Vera Gel powder is very rich in vitamins.

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