Arginine - red algae

Arginine is a proteinogenic amino acid found in red algae, buckwheat, and human skin. Arginine supports the regeneration of the skin's moisture-binding system and has a relaxing effect on the skin. In addition, it's one of the NMFs (natural moisturizing factors) and supports hydration while enhancing the anchoring and adsorption of other NMFs like PCA.

L-Arginine leaves many essential physiological effects, such as stimulating collagen production and involvement in the cellular immune response and tissue repair. In addition, it improves barrier function while acting as a neutralizer, viscosity modifier, and aesthetic enhancer (improves the sensory profile of formulation). Arginine is also used as a skin and hair conditioner, lessening the irritation potential of preparation.

This amino acid promotes the dilation of capillaries. L-Arginine is essential for creating nitric oxide in the human body, which directly helps improve circulation. The topical application of L-Arginine dilates the blood vessels in the lips, increasing blood flow to the area, thus engorging the lips with blood and expanding the lip size and color.