Caffeine - coffee beans
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Caffeine stimulates, activates, firms, improves micro-circulation and plays an important role in breaking down body fat.

The purest form of caffeine, derived from kola nuts and coffee beans, balances circulation, reduces puffiness, and calms pigmentation issues. Powerful skin-brightener. Tightens skin, and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Can caffeine reduce cellulite?

Yes, it can. Caffeine affects on adipocytes (fat cells) and suppress intracellular fat accumulation. It also improves lipid metabolism in adipocytes.

Moreover, recent studies showed that caffeine may contribute conversion of white adipocytes (bad fat cells) into brown or beige adipocytes (good fat cells) which are able to consume fat and produce heat (calorigenic action).

So, caffeine is one of the best ingredients for anti-cellulite products.