Ceteareth-20 is an ether of Cetearyl alcohol and polyglycol with approximately 20 units in length, free of ethylene oxide-containing substances. It's a water-in-oil emulsifier (also a co-emulsifier in oil-in-water formulas) with high emulsifying properties (HLB value - 15.5) that can serve as a mineral-oil-free emulsion base simplifying the formulation process.

Depending on concentrations, Ceteareth-20 allows the production wide range of formulations from liquid to creamy consistency. It is used in serums, soft creams, masks, etc. Ceteareth-20 exhibits fine distribution properties and stability with an excellent sensory profile and a pleasant skin feel. This multifunctional ingredient is compatible with almost all activities and can be used as a universal surfactant, dispersing and wetting agent, and solubilizer.