CM-Glucan Forte

CM-Glucan Forte is a special beta-glucan extracted from baker’s yeast (magnesium carboxymethyl beta-glucan). This single-substance ingredient is designed to balance the immune system of the skin, soothe irritation and fortify the natural barrier of the skin. As a result of the disproportionate hygiene habits prevalent in our modern, developed world, we have been experiencing an increase in allergies and allergic skin irritations (e.g. eczema) in the past decades: rather than reacting with a simple Th1 immune response using macrophages, the skin combats irritants with an excessive Th2 response.

The resulting activation of B cells and production of IgE antibodies facilitate the emergence of allergies. Regular use of CM-Glucan Forte suppresses this Th2 response by the immune system. Allergic reactions are prevented with a visible result: a beautiful, flawless, smooth complexion.

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