Mimics cellular communication, focusing on accelerating cellular repair and anti-aging.

RonaCare® Cyclopeptid-5 rapidly gives the skin a fresher and more youthful appearance. The peptide replicates the natural processes of skin communication and repair. The revolutionary biomimetic design of Cyclopeptide-5 is the first of its kind. It supports the skin in regaining its firmness, elasticity and strength, reduces the pronouncedness of wrinkles and protects the volumeproviding matrix of the skin.

A targeted, cyclic approach to stimulating cell regeneration, Cyclopeptide 5 guards skin-supporting collagen and elastin from the degradation that comes with aging to boost skin density and firm and lift sagging skin. Specifically formulated to delay the signs of aging caused by time and UV rays, the optimized peptide combination works to remodel skin’s cellular matrix for healthier skin.

Products containing Cyclopeptide-5