Ectoin is a natural cell protection factor discovered in halophilic bacteria, e.g., Ectothiorhodospira halochloris, which persist and propagate under extreme conditions in saltwater, sea, and saline deserts. These halophilic bacteria are exposed to a high dose of UV irradiation, dryness, extreme temperatures, and high salinity.

Nevertheless, they adapt to these inhospitable conditions: their survival is guaranteed by a unique amino acid, namely Ectoin. The biopolymers of the bacteria are stabilized by producing the Ectoin and protected against these damaging external stress factors.

Ectoin supports the skin's moisture-binding capacity, has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect, and stabilizes the cell structures by protecting cell membranes. In addition, it increases cell protection against extreme environmental factors, such as high or low temperatures, high salt concentration, dehydration, and UV radiation.

Ectoin is also one of the best natural options available to stimulate skin cells' protective properties like cell and immune system maintenance and offers UVA protection. In addition, based on an in-vivo study, it can improve the tactile properties of skincare products.