Horseradish Root Extract

Cochlearia Armoracia

Horseradish (Cochlearia Armoracia; also known as Armoracia Rusticana) is a perennial plant with edible roots used in culinary in Europe and Asia for centuries. Today it is cultivated and used as a spice, remedy in homeopathy and medicine, and ingredient in skin and hair care applications.

Antiseptic properties of Cochlearia Armoracia's root are long known; it has been used to treat respiratory and skin infections since the middle ages. In skin care preparations Horseradish root extract fights against acne and other mibobe-induced conditions, while acting as a natural preservative enhancing the shelf-life of the product.

In hair care preparation Armoracia Rusticana extract boosts hair growth nourishing folicule and providing healty shine. Rich in essential micorelements reslpensihes and balances ions necessary of crucial processes such as NMF production and natural defense against free radicals. In addition it contains antioxidants preventing oxidative stress and cells damage.

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