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Phytosphingosine is plant-derived sphingosine an integral part of ceramides and naturally occurring in the skin. It boosts repair processes in damaged skin. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which help soothe skin irritation and support a healthy skin barrier.

This essential ingredeint, strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier to soothe irritation, lock in hydration, and smooth skin. Thanks to anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activity Phytosphingosine showed excellent results in acne treatment, resulting in a good effect on the skin state of acne-prone people.


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Is there proof of the effectiveness of phytosphingosine for acne treatment?

phytosphingosine-acne-before-after.jpgYes, an in vitro and in vivo clinical study was conducted to test phytosphingosine treatment against Acne Vulgaris. The study showed that plant-derived sphingosine (PS) significantly improves skin condition even in a minimal 0.2% concentration in the formula.

Besides different measurements and analytical methods, scientists took photos before and after a 60-day long treatment. Clinical photographs were taken on day 0 and after 60 days in the second treatment group: Placebo vs. phytosphingosine.