Rosa Canina oil

Rosa Canina

Rosa Canina (Rosehip) oil softens skin and is high in essential fatty acids. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and repairs damaged skin.

Rosa canina is high in omega-6 fatty acids, including GLA (gamma-linoleic acid) and vitamin C; it is highly beneficial for skin maintenance and repairing damaged skin. Rosehip is the best for regenerative skincare and reduces wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, and sun damage. In addition, it helps with hormonal imbalances and slows the aging process when used daily.

The powerful antioxidant abilities of Rosehip work well to soothe, soften and regenerate skin. As a result, Rosa Canina helps prevent signs of aging, reduces pigmentation, and gives skin a healthy glow. An excellent ingredient for dry, mature, and aging skin.


Products containing Rosa Canina oil

Henne Citrus Luxury Hand Cream
50 ml / 1.7 fl oz
Hene Lip Serum
10ml/0.35 fl oz