Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate - Syn-Ake
Active Ingredients:
Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate

Syn-Ake - is a cutting-edge wrinkle treatment, thanks to a remodeled synthetic tripeptide, derived initially from snake (Temple Viper) venom, Waglerin-1. Mimicking the effect of Waglerin-1, this peptide relaxes muscle movement by temporarily immobilizing facial contractions that cause facial lines and wrinkles.

It reduces muscle contractions by up to 80 % (in-vitro results) to the disabling of the mnACh-receptor. Moreover, due to the reduction in micro-contractions, a significant smoothing effect can already be noticed after 28 days and a considerable decrease in skin wrinkles, all without altering the natural facial radiance in the process.

Syn®-Ake works to relax fine lines and wrinkles quickly and dramatically lift sagging skin. In addition, the enhanced tri-peptide diminishes the look of expression lines, firming the skin around the eyes, forehead, and mouth for youthfully smooth skin. It is recommended for use in skincare, including facial moisturizers, cleansers, anti-aging serums, and creams.


Is SYN®-AKE a competitive alternative to Botox® injections?

Invasive treatments such as Botox® injections and collagen fillers are used to reverse aging appearance temporarily. However, these treatments are expensive, unpleasant and, anyone who has ever flipped through a woman’s glossy can attest, some results are far from ideal.

SYN®-AKE is an innovative, non-evasive (needle-free) wrinkle treatment with a botox-like effect that can help your complexion return to a younger, more natural, and relaxed state.

What results of SYN®-AKE expect in different age groups?

Between 25–35 years

Concepts for the first sign of aging:

  • Treat the appearance of the first expression lines
  • Anti-wrinkle effect
  • Smoothing effect


30–45 years

Concepts for aging skin 30+ :

  • Treat expression lines that tend to remain
  • Anti-wrinkle effect
  • Decrease in wrinkle size
  • Smoothing effect
  • Youth prolonging treatments for men and women


45+ years

Concepts for mature skin:

  • Treat deep expression lines
  • Decrease in wrinkle size
  • Smoothing effect
  • Youth recovering treatments for men and women