Amino acids


Amino acids are vastly found in human body. These compounds are the building blocks our organism uses to build its proteins, enzymes and peptides. Famous skin proteins collagen, elastin and keratin are also made of amino acids. The function of amino acids is not limited to just being building material for dermal proteins. They are also involved in regulating large amount of processes associated with skin healing, moisture retention (NMFs) and protection from UV irradiation. Due to their comprehensive beneficial features, safety and indensibility amino acids are common ingredients in large numbers of beauty concoctions. 


Strengthens the hair structure and actively protects against hair loss.
Mild cleaning amino acid agent; cleans in a mild, gentle, skin-friendly way and leaves the skin feeling silky and pleasant.
Arginine - red algae
Arginine - Amino acid for cell power. They are found in red algae, buckwheat, and human skin. Arginine supports the regeneration of the moisture-binding system of the skin and also has a relaxing effect on the skin.
Betaine (Betaina)
A amino acid derived from beets that increases hydration and offers skin protection. Improves mitochondrial activity and balances moisture, reduces skin irritation.
Ergothioneine (thiotaine) EGT
This substance, produced naturally in the body and evident as OCTN-1 transporter in dermal fibroblasts, is an extremely stable colorless and odorless antioxidant.
Glycine is a small-molecule nonessential amino acid. It's a proteinogenic amino acid, an important precursor of collagen which contains about 35% glycine in the chain.
Merging of various amino acids for a moisturizing base complex that further optimizes the moistening and deep penetration of moisture of the skin.
Serine is a small-molecule nonessential amino acid, the precursor of Glycine, thus involved in the synthesis of collagen. It also a part of essential NMFs (natural moisturizing factors) preventing transepidermal water loss.