Skin conditions

In the beginning phase, ”orange skin” becomes noticeable only when you pinch your skin together. In the advanced phase, these unattractive areas can be found on the bottom and upper thighs both when sitting and standing. However, cellulite is not only a problem for full-figured women, but also for slender women.

Skincare routine

You may not think about your lips very often, but neglecting them can be just as bad as neglecting the rest of your skin. There is a proper way to care for your pout and make sure that they remain soft, plump and kissable no matter what.

For thousands of years, clay was used in skincare, cosmetics, and medicine.  Applied externally, they nourish, cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and rejuvenate the skin.   


It has nothing to do with Greek mythology and Hydra of Lerna. HYDRA3 means 3-dimensional (intensive) hydration.

  • Provides NMFs (natural moisturizing factors)
  • Stimulates hyaluronic acid production
  • Reduces evaporation


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