Lait VIP 02 vs Lait U? - Which one of BR cleansers are you going to try

Cleansers are the first crucial step to wash away dirt, grime or other environmental stressors that have built up on your skin. Biologique Recherche cleansers will leave your skin feeling fresh and invigorated. Choosing the one that's best for your skin needs can be somewhat confusing: which one to choose - Lait VIP 02 vs Lait U? In order to save your time here's our online shop of the best Biologique Recherche facial cleansers available for every skin type.

If you like a gentle skin-cleansing routine, lather up with our Lait U cleanser. It is recommended for stressed, devitalized skin instants. It removes all of the usual suspects (makeup, dirt, and oil) and doesn’t leave an oily film.

If you want to remove more pollution, then Lait VIP 02 is for you, it is recommended for dull, or sun-damaged skin. This anti-pollution cleanser with oxygenating properties deep cleans and helps skin to breathe.

Can’t find out which cleanser is right for you? – Lait VIP 02 vs Lait U? Feel free to contact us.