About us

Beauty Ambassade founded by Nelli Ajrapetova in early 2019, is a luxury day spa located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Beauty Ambassade has one goal: to accommodate our customers with a lush experience. Therefore, each of our products is carefully hand-picked from the finest European brands with its procedures curated to offer the ultimate results. Furthermore, to ensure trust between our clients and aestheticians, we propose personalized consultations to learn about each customer’s needs and expectations.

Nelli’s passion for beauty has always been a part of who she is. So in the winter of 2015, opening a small intimate brow bar in Budapest, Hungary, she quickly expanded and rebranded to a sizeable two-story day spa in the heart of the city offering a wide range of services for both men and women. Her dedication and attention to detail reflect Beauty Ambassade’s refined taste, creating a true escape for anyone who desires exceptional care, an individual approach, and a moment to relax.

Ultimately our Spa continuously strives to give the clients impeccable service, outstanding results, and a relaxing experience. The customers’ content with the exceptional results at Beauty Ambassade inspires and drives Nelli to continue expanding and improving. Nelli’s choice to grow her business to the U.S. sparked from the moment she first visited Palm Beach a decade ago; it has always been the destination for her family for years. However, she wanted to introduce her European culture and knowledge to a different setting, with the same passion, energy, and experience earned in Budapest.