MBR® Medical Beauty Research


MBR® Medical Beauty Research

MBR - Medical Beauty Research is the first German premium brand resulting from intensive research from leading dermatologists and aesthetic medicine specialists.

The purpose was to develop anti-aging products with the maximum possible high concentration of active substances and, at the same time, optimal skin tolerance. As a result, MBR is the success of cosmetics with an emphasis on skin improvement and rejuvenation.

Smooth skin, well-groomed contours, and a youthful appearance – these are the main goals of MBR face and body skincare products. MBR product lines and application methods are tailored to the individual needs of skin of all ages at the highest level. Open, penetrate and close – a simple but effective skincare system, in just three steps, leads to a significant rejuvenation of the skin's appearance.

MBR has been designed and developed in collaboration with renowned experts in specialized fields such as plastic surgery and dermatology, biochemistry, recipe technology, toxicology, and microbiology.

In product development, the researchers focused on the main objective of the product range - tailor-made solutions to skin problems. Members of the MBR development teams are entirely free to decide on active ingredient combinations and formulation. MBR Medical Edge Skin Care comes to the help when conventional skincare products fail.

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MBR - Medical Beauty Research

MBR - Medical Beauty Research

Nelli Ajrapetova with Mr. Willi Hermann Watkowiak - managing director of MBR.

Nelli Jahresfeier

MBR Jahresfeier

MBR® Medical Beauty Research annual celebration in 2022.