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Perfect Lip-ID is one of the most unique lip care products. It regenerates, moisturizes and intensively nourishes lips. It’s the best method to minimize the signs of premature aging.

Due to its ingredients, it visibly reduces the wrinkles and lines, strengthens the delicate skin of your lips, makes it silky and soft. It’s an intensive-care lip balsam with a pleasant refreshing effect. Minimises signs of premature skin ageing. After using it a while you will notice a soothing, balancing long-lasting effect, which will definitely make you happy.

  • Tightens the contours of the lips
  • Visibly reduces lines and wrinkles and increases lip volume
  • Strengthens the delicate skin of the lips
  • Makes the sensitive skin of the lips soft and silky
  • Provides moisture with a long-lasting effect
  • Has a regenerating, balancing and soothing effect
How to use: 

Perfect Lip-ID is used in the morning and in the evening. You can also use it for several times a day, depending on the need. Just apply the balm to your lips and contour around them.

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Danielle Somers
1 year 5 months ago

Just perfect, I'm happy with this balsam.