MSB® Cosmeceuticals



MSB® Medical Spirit of Beauty

Founded in 2003, Skin Care Manufaktur GmbH manufactory, a medium-sized company based in the Aue-Bad Schlema, Germany, produces innovative skincare products.

Together with leading scientists and researchers from various fields, the interdisciplinary team at Skin Care Manufaktur GmbH develops professional care products under the MSB® Cosmeceuticals brand and treatment concepts for individual skin needs.

The company has its research center, laboratory, and production facilities. All products are subjected to a special microbiological safety test and have cosmetic and pharmaceutical certificates.

MSB means Medical Spirit of Beauty, a brand representing highly effective and quality skincare products.

MSB® Cosmeceuticals is a registered trademark distributed by Skin Care Manufaktur GmbH and stands for professional skincare and aesthetic medicine. The new approach to effective skincare MSB® Cosmeceuticals offers targeted solutions for various skin conditions. High standards include:

  • highly concentrated ingredients
  • an immediately visible, long-lasting effect
  • products tailored to the individual care needs of the skin
  • visibly improved skin condition
  • a simple, effective care system guaranteed.

MSB's Environmental Promise

Sustainability and environmentally-oriented business minimizes ecological footprint and contributes to a healthy future by acting in a targeted, environmentally conscious entrepreneurial manner through sustainable management and creating environmentally friendly products.
Products do not contain microplastics, PEGs, parabens, dyes, mineral oil, animal ingredients, palm oil, paraffins, or silicones.