Night & Day Collagen

MSB Night & Day Collagen
MSB Night & Day Collagen Box
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30 ml / 1 fl oz

An anti-aging, hydrating, and highly active serum for an immediate healthy, refreshed, and rejuvenated appearance. Concentric and balanced, Night & Day Collagene enhances skin microcirculation, boosts cell metabolism, and improves tissue functions to provide youthful, fresh, and visibly smooth skin right after the first application.

Powered with soluble collagen, it attracts and locks vast amounts of water while intensively hydrating the outermost layer of skin. Infused with Arginine naturally present in the dermal tissues as an NMF (natural moisturizing factor), this youth elixir provides volume and density, smoothing expression lines and creases. It penetrates deep layers and increases the blood flow, activating skin metabolism, stimulating cell renewal rate, and assisting wound healing. In addition, Arginin provides excellent anti-aging benefits through stimulating collagen production and damaged tissue repair.

The multitasking Night & Day Collagene serum instantly plumps and smooths fine lines and existing wrinkles, optimally hydrates dry and tired skin, and, finally, actively heals damaged skin tissues. As a result, rejuvenated, glowing, and healthy appearance throughout the day.

  • Increases water-binding ability
  • Intensively hydrates, smooths, and plumps skin surface
  • Fades fine lines and existing wrinkles
  • Improves the microcirculation
  • Boosts cell metabolism and skin regeneration
  • Assists in wound healing
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Enhances skin elasticity and resilience
  • Provides healthy, youthful, and radiant appearance
How to use: 

Pre-cleanse and cleanse the skin, apply Night & Day Collagen to the face and neck area, lightly tap into the skin until completely absorbed. Follow with a favorite moisturizer.

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Roselyn Thompson
7 months 2 weeks ago

I love MBR products and decided to try something from MSB. Night and day collagen is an excellent moisturizing serum at a reasonable price; it instantly changed my skin. I'm happy with the results.