ALPHA-TROPHOX 112® Product Line

MSB® Cosmeceuticals exclusively supplements the range of anti-aging products with a very effective method for improving and rejuvenating the skin's appearance and care. Daily exposure of the skin due to internal and external influences, such as pollution, smog, stress, UV light, alcohol, nicotine, little sleep, irritating chemicals, etc., disrupts cell renewal, with visible effects.

Thanks to the unique ALPHA AC3 Repair Complex, the ALPHA-TROPHOX 112® product line successfully combats the visible signs of skin aging. It complements the product portfolio with a unique anti-aging skincare line with a Botox-like effect, visibly rejuvenating the complexion and providing long-lasting protection. In addition, it's the fastest way for lifting without surgery.

The skin's daily exposure to internal and external factors visibly interferes with the cell renewal process. As a result, the skin undergoes visible and palpable changes with age. The natural protective barrier is also disrupted, which is essential for the health and younger appearance of the skin. This is precisely where the new ALPHA-TROPHOX112® product line kicks in.

Benefits include:

  • Instantly reduces wrinkle depth
  • „Activates the skin's micro-circulation
  • „Stimulates cell activity and the skin's vital functions
  • „Optimizes the moisture content
  • „Repairs and soothes damaged skin

All ALPHA TROPHOX112® products contain ALPHA AC 3 Repair Complex, the efficient MSB active ingredient.

The products are divided into three areas of use: