Cell-Power Hand Treatment

Cell-Power Hand Treatment - MBR
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Care Step: 
3.4 oz.

Cell-Power Hand Treatment is an Intensive protection and care for the skin of the hands. The hand skin surface structure is noticeably improved. With gentle lightening properties, it relieves hyperpigmentation caused by factors such as age, hormonal changes and sun exposure. Pigments are balanced and regulated, preventing further darkening. It’s a great solution for even the most dry, sensitive and irritated skin.


Cell-Power Hand Treatment benefits are:

  • makes the skin supple and velvety
  • can be used as a mask for the night
  • brightens existing age spots and prevents their appearance
  • protects the skin like an invisible glove
  • leaves a silky soft feel
How to use: 

You can use treatment every day or depending on the need. Just apply it by gently massaging. In case of particularly rough or cracked skin, use as a mask. Apply in a layer of 1-2 mm, rub lightly into the skin around the nails. Wear cotton gloves, leave for 30 minutes or overnight to act.