Cell-Power Firming Body Lotion

MBR Cell-Power Firming Body Lotion
Firming Body Lotion Box
MBR Firming Body Lotion
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6.8 oz.

New and stunning body with our firming and contouring lotion is a reality. We guarantee that the result is not only on the “skin surface” but deeper, because the advanced elements we have included, encourage collagen synthesis and give extraordinary effect you dream about. With the help pf golden shimmer pigments, the skin appears light and plump.

Your skin needs a deeper care, that's why, while Cell-Power Firming Lotion softens it, nourishing elements promote hydration, even if the skin is too sensitive. If you really wish to have a healthy skin, you need to start the first steps now and you will reveal your body stunning after just a few times of applying.

  • Helps collagen synthesis and promotes tissue formation
  • Softens the undesirable contours of the body
  • Improves elasticity
  • Promotes retainig moisture
  • Tight and gentle effect on the skin surface
  • Soft touch to your body