Cell-Power Bust up Concentrate

MBR Cell-Power Bust up Concentrate
MBR Cell-Power Bust up Concentrate
MBR Cell-Power Bust up Concentrate Box
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1.7 oz.

An intense firming, lifting, and boosting concentrate for the sensitive breast skin. Protects youthful toughness and elasticity of the bust area. Cell-Power Bust up Concentrate excites the micro-circulation, restores the cell metabolism, and improves skin elasticity. Firming ingredients enhance the tissue formation for a strengthening effect from deeper layers of the skin.

It's ideal prophylaxis against premature aging. Shambrilla oil nourishes, moisturizes, and prevents fibers (collagen and elastin) destruction making the skin velvety soft, smooth, and elastic. An instant and prolonged firming effect expose a supple, tight, and beautiful bust with refined breast contours.

  • Promotes micro-circulation enhancing regeneration
  • Defends against ultraviolet radiation and photoaging
  • Strengthens skin tissue and improves the formation
  • Firms and preservers elasticity
  • Moisturizes and enhances moisture retainment
  • Smoothes and improves breast contours
  • Prevents premature bust sagging
How to use: 

Apply concentrate to the bust area daily with gentle circular movements, massaging until adsorption. In the mornings or evenings.

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J. Gillberg
1 year 5 months ago

Love the feelings after Bust up Concentrate. Using about a week and already sense the difference.