Skin conditions

In the beginning phase, ”orange skin” becomes noticeable only when you pinch your skin together. In the advanced phase, these unattractive areas can be found on the bottom and upper thighs both when sitting and standing. However, cellulite is not only a problem for full-figured women, but also for slender women.

During menopause, our breasts sag and flatten due to the lack of the female hormone; estrogen. The reduction of estrogen affects all tissues of the body, including breast tissue. It causes the breast to shrink and be smaller. The milk secretion process is also halted.

Acne can be a challenging topic to talk about, right? Just hearing the name can bring up these disgusting images of puss-filled zits and horrible pimples. But as they say, not talking about a problem is never a solution, so we will speak, and it’s good news!