How to fix sagging breasts?

During menopause, our breasts sag and flatten due to the lack of the female hormone; estrogen. The reduction of estrogen affects all tissues of the body, including breast tissue. It causes the breast to shrink and be smaller. The milk secretion process is also halted.

In general, the breasts are very important organs and is received a large amount of attention. However, regular exercise for them is completely neglected as far as it is concerned.

Regular exercise slows the aging process down. One of the crucial connective tissue in the breast is a fibrous protein called collagen and needs estrogen to keep it healthy. Without estrogen, the bust becomes dehydrated and loses its elasticity.

So, there are four critical factors of breasts sagging, therefore the solution should be complex and include all constituents:

  1. Physical exercises with pectoral muscle like fitness, body shaping, and healthy weight management
  2. Strengthen connective tissue collagen and elastin; improve production and organization of those fibers
  3. Support optimal hydration and enhance skin's moisture-binding ability
  4. Substitute lacking estrogen with phytoestrogens.



Is there a skincare product that prevents or fixes bust sagging?

Yes, MBR's Cell-Power Bust up Concentrate containing MultiEx Phytrogen (seven plant extracts complex) would enhance the texture of breasts to be a beautiful silky softness, fighting against three factors of bust sugging (dehydration, collagen and estrogen lack). With the exercises and the application of the concentrate, women would maintain for far longer the suppleness, firmness, and volume of women's breasts that almost all women so desire.

Phytoestrogens in Bust-up Concentrate are effective (firming up and enlargement) and safer than natural estrogen, which increases in danger of breast or endometrium cancer when used for a long time.