What are the best Biologique Recherche products?

Biologique Recherche offers you a wide range of beauty products.

Here are our top 5 picks for your skincare routine.

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  • LAIT U cleanser

    Lait U is a gentle and universal cleanser formulated to remove make-up and impurities while also moisturizing the skin. It  effectively removes facial oils, makeup, and dirt and leave your skin with a feeling of invigorated freshness.


    Formulated with natural ingredients, Biologique Recherche Biomagic mask improves the overall appearance of your skin, helps to clean pores, calms your skin and reduces redness. Use 2-3 times weekly for optimum results. 

  • Lotion P50

    This product is designed to strengthen the epidermal shield, exfoliate skin, regulate excessive sebum secretion, hydrate skin, maintain the skin’s pH. If you have an oily Tzone and dry cheeks, using Lotion P50 will create a balance between the two and help the skin restore vitality.


    It’s of the best skin care product for acne-prone skin. This light daily moisturizer formulated to balance and maintain hydration. leaves the skin feeling silky smooth, shields the skin from harmful factors.


    Serum de Teint provides instant coverage and improves your skin tone.  This anti - pollution product helps to protect your face from the harsh elements and sun, and also includes a few drops of Prickly Pear Seed Oil, in order to maintain the right balance of moisture in the skin, stimulate new cell growth, calm inflammation and restore elasticity. It gives the skin a beautiful, velvety finish without looking like makeup, making this kind of makeup great for everyday wear as well as special occasions.