To get the best results for healthy skin, add a face serum to your daily skincare routine. Serums help restore moisture and elasticity to the skin while regulating oil production.

Biologique Recherche Serums can mitigate a number of skin issues, from dark spots and pigmentation to wrinkles and redness. And even if you don’t have any skin concerns, you still need a serum to protect your skin from daily aggressors.

Biologique Recherche serums contain a range of useful ingredients that make your skin smoother, firmer, and protected.

There are three types of Biologique Recherché serums: Quintessential, Targeted and Finishing Serums.

The Quintessential serum's active ingredients are amino acids of short peptides designed to treat specific skin imbalances. These Serums are able to hydrate more effectively than creams.

Biologique Recherche has also created the Targeted Serums range. If you have a problem with your skin that you'd like to improve, such as dark spots or early signs of skin aging, adding these serums to your daily skincare routine can help improve the appearance of your skin, visibly reduce signs of aging.

Finishing Serums provide instant and lasting results.

Healthy, glowing skin is achievable with BR.

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