Each of the Biologique Recherche creams in our line is designed with a specific purpose to hydrate and target specific skin-instant needs.

The most basic function of Biologique Recherche creams is to hydrate and soften the skin. Find the best hydration for your skin type.

Biologique Recherche creams deeply nourish the skin and promote the strengthening of skin tissues and the smoothing of wrinkles. The main active ingredients make the rejuvenating property more effective.

Proper moisturizing helps prevent dry, flaky skin and keeps skin cells performing at their best. Creams help to deeply hydrate your skin making your face glow naturally.

There are three types of Biologique Recherche creams available on our online store: Essential, Specific, and Intensive Creams.

Essential creams can brighten the skin and look healthier.

Specific creams help strengthen skin cells, restoring the feel of elasticity to the skin, calm irritation and redness, and minimize wrinkles.

Intensive Creams soothe the skin and calm redness, ensuring that it stays smooth and firm.

Nourish and revitalize your skin with Biologique Recherche creams and have a healthy and natural look.

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