Serum Colostrum

Biologique Recherche Serum Colostrum
Intensive Hydrating and Plumping Biological Serum
0.3 oz
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For extreme cases of dryness, Colostrum active serum brings an intense hydration provided by rich and fatty milk proteins. Best used on mature skin instants lacking elasticity and seeking moisturization, Serum Colostrum prevents from future drying, leaving skim plumped up and glowing with freshness and youth. Must be kept refrigerated after opening.

  • Stimulates cells growth, regeneration, and renewal
  • Supports the local immune system
  • Optionally hydrates skin
  • Enhances collagen production
  • Improves enhances firmness
  • Brightens complexion
How to use: 

Apply 2-3 drops of Sérum Colostrum on clean skin over the whole face, neck, and cleavage in a light ascending massage until the product has been completely absorbed.