Enzymes are biologically active substances. Being derived from different natural sources, they showcase broad spectrum of beneficial features. Ability to degrade dead skin cells makes enzymatic formulations gentle, natural alternative to physical exfoliators and whitening products. Another feature of enzymes is their keratinolity activity. They are potent ingredients of scar/stretch mark healing skin care products.  And last but not least, they are used in anti-aging creams and serums serving as protective antioxidant. 


Lactobacillus Ferment raises keratinocyte proliferation and migration stimulating natural renewal processes. It soothes UV-induced damage protecting against photoaging and improving barrier function.
Papaya tree (papain)
Peelmoist contains papain, an active enzyme to support and speed up the natural exfoliation process - enzymatic peeling.
A ferment extract with two peptides (tripeptide-10 citrulline, tripeptide-1) and two proteins (wheat germ protein, soy protein) that boosts collagen synthesis. Trylagen boosts the synthesis of collagen types I, III, and IV, in order to increase collagen levels which are reduced or lost in the aging process.
Zymo Clear MD contains two enzymes, which are removing oil and dead skin cells from the skin. Third component - maltodextrin has considerable moisturizing properties.
Zymo Lift® MD is an enzymatic complex that prevents wrinkles by boosting cell turnover and provides optimal skin relief. In short, it acts as an anti-wrinkle, cleansing, and moisturizing agent.