Essential oils & fixed plant oils


Plant oils are one of the key elemnets of skin care products. Their moisture retaining effect, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties turn them into all-inclusive ingredients of high-end skin care formulations.


Crambe Abyssinica plant
Abyssinian oil (Crambe oil) achieves a significant improvement on the surface structure as well as the evenness of the skin tone.
Almond plants
Almond oil moisturises, alleviates irritations and re-hydrates (particularly in the case of dry and sensitive skin), contains an exceptionally high amount of simple and complex unsaturated fatty acids as well as numerous vitamins.
Apricot Kernels
Apricot kernel oil is a great beauty product. It’s one of the oldest, the first mention of it dates back to 3000 BC in Chinese treatises. A little later, knowledge about apricot oil reached Europe from Armenia and called Prunus Armeniaca (Armenian plum).
Argan tree
Argan oil is a substance extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree. It contains a lot of active ingredients which are used in the skin and hair care industry since the 2000s.
Plant-derived mix with expressed barrier restoration activity. It based on refined avocado and olive oil and contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, and phytosterols. Directly improves skin's defense.
Avocado oil is rich in nutrients and has a big value in skin care products. It contains in its composition a large amount of easily digestible fats, vitamins, macro - and microelements, and other biologically active components.
Borago officinalis
Borage oil is derivative from the seeds of the Borage (Borago Officinalis). It's the richest (around 24%) known natural source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which has anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic properties.
Castor beans
Castor oil goes deep into the skin and creates a healthy barrier. It supports hair growth and protects your scalp naturally, strengthens your hair and gives it a silky sheen.
Cistus Ladaniferus Leaf
Cistus ladaniferus leaf oil is a regenerative, soothing, strengthens the skin‘s barrier, reduces water loss from the skin, increases energy generation of skin cells in order to stimulate their regeneration.
Coconut tree
Coconut oil is mostly good for your skin care. It is able to provide antioxidants and moisturizers. This oil has an ability to minimize the signs of aging and help to protect your skin.
Buxus Chinensis
Jojoba oil is extracted from the seeds of an evergreen bush growing in American Sonora desert. It improves skin elasticity, has a relaxing, protective and moisturizing effect and makes skin feel silky-soft.
Colombian Amazon tree called Cacay
Extracted for the Cacay Nut, Kahai Oil is both highly regenerative and powerfully antioxidant. A rich source of linoleic acid, Vitamin E and Retinol.
Lipex L´sens™ is a highly polar, semi-solid softening agent with high sustainability for skin and hair. It improves the film-forming properties and gives the skin a silky, smooth feeling.
Macadamia tree and fruits
Macadamia oil is extracted from the chestnut-like stone fruits of the macadamia tree. Smoothes skin, slightly lifting, softening and regenerating. Ideally suited for dry, rough and sensitive skin as it is very similar to human sebum.
Mango butter
Vitamin C in mango seeds butter lightens skin, in the meantime the Vitamin A helps to improve skin’s fresh appearance, decreasing fine lines. It's an intense moisturizer, with soothing and healing properties.
Limnanthes alba
Meadowfoam seed oil is a rising star among plant oil ingredients of skin and hair care formulations. It is an outstandingly stable plant oil with a bouquet of favorable qualities which comprehensively benefit the appearance, structure, and overall health of the skin.
Candeia tree
MelaCare oil has an anti-inflammatory, soothing and antioxidant effect on the skin and inhibits melanin production.
Olive oil evens out dry, flaky and rough skin, while providing a soothing, moisturising, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.
Sesame oil keeps skin supple and gives it a pleasant feel.
Shea seeds
Shea butter is a constituent of the choice of numerous leave-on skin, scalp, and hair care formulations. It is semi-solid, buttery oil derived from Shea tree kernels.
soya beans
Soya oil is extracted from soya beans. It is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving an unpleasant, greasy film.