Extracellular matrix components


This is a group of cosmeceutical components which are naturally present in human skin. Due to their crucial role in dermal hydration and regeneration, these skin care ingredients naturally refine appearance of the skin making it look healthy, smooth and radiant.  

Naturally-occurring plant lipids capture and bind water for supple, hydrated skin.
A complex of Ceramides 1, 3, and 6 that restores skin lipid barrier function. Ceramides are a lipid part of ECM (extracellular matrix) and besides protective function, improve the water retention potential of the skin preventing dehydration.
Ceramide 2 (NG)
Ceramide II (NG), also known as N-stearoylsphinganine or Ceramide 2, is similar to dermal cells' membrane molecules. It renews the skin't lipid layer, reduces transdermal moisture loss, and improves water-binding ability.
Ceramides are skin lipids: they increase the water retention capacity of the skin and prevent dehydration.
This lipophile sterol quickly penetrates through the skin barrier and promotes collagen fibers binding on cells membranes surface.
A complex of ceramides that imparts more firmness to the skin tissue around the lips.
HyaCare is a hydrolised hyaluronic acid with unique Anti-Aging properties. Boosts natural short- and long-term moisturisation, strengthens the tissue, restores skin elasticity, minimizes lines and wrinkles and makes skin feel soft and delicate.
An exceptional humectant with multiple science-proven benefits. It noticeably diminishes fine and coarse lines, enhances skin elasticity and volume.
Disodium Acetyl Glucosamine Phosphate with Glucose may be an external source of building blocks (precursors) for HA synthesis stimulating the process. The dermal cell won't spend energy on the synthesis of precursors, instead of that it'll join blocks and produce Hyaluronic acid.
All types of Hyaluronic acids, from small-molecule to macromolecular HA for improved intake and complete hydration. Poured in with Peony Root and Magnolia Bark extract, the complex revitalizes skin cells and increases elasticity.
Hyanify™ (HyaMar) is a booster of the skin‘s hyaluronic − an important matrix substance whose imbalance leads to dehydration of age and volume loss.
Hydrolyzed/oligomeric hyaluronic acid can penetrate into the deepest skin layers and store the moisture there in a targeted manner. The skin image is upholstered.
It can improve both hair manageability and skin smoothness. In addition, hydrolyzed collagen has unique water-binding and texturizing properties, which enable it to bind to the water held by the hair shaft.
Many manufacturers hydrolyze (divide long chains) mucopolysaccharides derived from natural sources like shrimp shells. Those hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans are perfect-matching and ready-to-use building blocks for skins' own dermatan and hyaluronan production.
Is a protein naturally produced by the human body. It is a fibrous substance that constitutes the basic component of our skin, hair and nails.
Macromolecular hyaluronic acid has anti-inflammatory properties.s it evaporates, it fuses with the skin’s own keratin to create a film that hydrates and improves elasticity.
MaxAqua MBR binds valuable moisture in the skin’s surface structure, which results in the skin optically appearing to be more silky and smooth.
Phytosphingosine is plant-derived sphingosine an integral part of ceramides and naturally occurring in the skin. It boosts repair processes in damaged skin. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which help soothe skin irritation and support a healthy skin barrier.
Salicyloyl Phytosphingosine
Salicyloyl Phytosphingosine is a synthetic sphingolipid derived from the combination of salicylic acid to phytosphingosine. This sphingolipid increases the synthesis of procollagen-I by skin fibroblasts (proven by in vitro study), increases essential ECM components such as fibrillin-1 and procollagen-1.
Sebacic acid
In vitro studies showed that Sebacic acid can cross-link with collagen type I and improve its mechanical properties. Thus, besides moisturizers, it is used in formulas to improve the skin's elasticity and surface texture, minimizing the appearance of blemishes and breakouts.
Skin identical lipids that regenerate and reconstruct the skin barrier. The stratum corneum (the horny layer of the epidermis) is composed of the corneocytes and the lipid matrix which fills the space between them.
Hyaluronic Acid
The use of small-molecule hyaluronic acid ensures that moisture is stored in the skin for a long time.
Sodium Hyaluronate
Sodium Hyaluronate is the sodium salt form of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). It has been used in cosmetics and skincare products for moisturization and wound healing.
Squalane prevents loss of moisture and makes your skin soft and supple. In addition, it has an anti-oxidant effect (fights free radicals) and prevents premature skin aging.