Glucosides are natural ingredients modified by a chemical process called glycosylation. Glycosylation makes the ingredients more stable, bio-available and water-soluble in formulations. Some glucosides called alkyl glucosides are widely used in skin and hair care products for thier mild cleaning and conditioning effect. These parts of beauty formulas have ability to lubricate and soften skin and hair.


Horse Chestnut
In the skincare industry Aesculin used in formulations for eye and foot care to treat under-eye bags and spider veins. It tones vessels, increases skin micro-circulation, and decongest the micro-vein network decreasing dark rings and bags under the eyes.
Vitamin C Glucoside knew as Ascorbyl-2-Glucoside is a derivative of ascorbic acid combined with glucose. It is a flawless form of vitamin C that showcases all the outstanding benefits of the vitamin for skin well-being.
A vegetable-based surfactant based on coconut oil and glucose. An extremely mild cleansing agent with anti-irritant properties, very gentle to the skin and mucus membranes. Biodegradable and ecologically harmless.
Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)
Cytobiol Lumin-Eye is a multi-active complex containing aesculin, a plant-based active substance with convincing vessel-toning properties, improving micro-circulation and reducing dark rings and bags under the eyes.
A nourishing, boosting, and energizing complex that stimulates the synthesis of pro-collagen, collagens, tropoelastin, and elastin. Fibro-boost revitalizes skin fibroblasts, promoting elasticity, smoothness, and firmness.
Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosmarinic acid is a natural polyphenol found in Rosemary and has a lot of benefits (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and photo-protective against ultraviolet C) for skin