A new peptide (tripeptide) formulation in order to reduce most visible signs of skin ageing. Syn®-Hycan has a dual effect. It boosts the skin‘s own production of hyaluronan which binds skin moisture and protects and structures skin collagens and the skin cells of the dermis. The replace the low hyaluronan level (e.g.) in mature skin which loses its ability to bind water. By boosting the hyaluronan levels within the dermis, Syn®-Hycan firms skin from the inside. In addition, Syn®-Hycan increases the levels of two important proteins present in the human skin which boost and strengthen collagen fibers. Both of these active substances work together to prevent wrinkel formation and slackening of the skin, the most visible signs of skin ageing.

In short: Syn®-Hycan prevents sagging skin by boosting existing hyaluronan levels and by improving collagen quality as well as protein performance.

Products containing Syn-Hycan