Active Ingredients:
Euglena Gracilis Extract
Glaucium Flavum Leaf Extract

Adipocyte shedding by the ultrasound-like effect

Phytosonic™ is a complex herbal anti-cellulite ingredient from Sederma designed to combat fatty tissue hypertrophy by acting on pre-adipocytes and mature adipocytes. Phytosonic™ is of vegetal origin and is derived from the new anti-fat technologies of ultrasound cell lysis.

It can selectively detach hypertrophied adipocytes without destroying them. The properties of Phytosonic enable to target slimming not only at the cellular level but also at the tissue level, as demonstrated, for the first time, by a three-dimensional reconstructed hypodermis model.

Proof of effectiveness

A clinical study on 27 female volunteers who applied a cream containing 3% Phytosonic™ morning and night for two months. The results showed the ingredient's efficacy on stubborn cellulite with a significant decrease, ranging from 17 to 69%, in adipose tissue infiltration into the dermis after two months of treatment.

The ultrasound measurements demonstrated a significant decrease in adipose tissue thickness in the thigh, 8.5% (up to 18.6%) and knee 8.2% (up to 20%). Therefore, it resulted in a mean reduction in thigh circumference of 1 cm and a reduction of up to 2 cm vs. the untreated thigh.

Products containing Phytosonic™

Environ Tri-Complex Body Contouring Cream
125 ml / 42 fl oz
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