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Environ Tri-Complex Body Contouring Cream
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Body EssentiA
125 ml / 42 fl oz
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A revolutionary, concentrated, and effective body cream formulated to combat skin dimple appearance and cellulite. Powered with three intelligent ingredients, Environ Tri-Complex Body Contouring Cream slims the body contours, hydrates, and evens the skin surface.

Intenslim is a natural fat burner that stimulates cell metabolism, destroys fat deposits, and boosts elastin production to provide a tighter, firmer, and younger appearance. Powered with Phytosonic™,  Tri-Complex Body Contouring Cream fights against fat accumulation, detaches fat-cells from each other, and reorganizes skin structure. Its ultrasound-like slimming effect reduces the stubborn cellulite,  improves the silhouette, and diminishes unwanted inches.

In addition, Environ body cream contains Legance™, an anti-aging, relaxing, and sooting complex based on a vegetal extract of Zingiber zerumbet. It inhibits water retention, age-related tissue damage and boosts microcirculation while providing a younger appearance, a comfortable feeling, and vivifying tired legs after a long day. Target working on the stomach, upper arms, thighs, and buttocks, slimming cream exposes a smooth, youthful, and tight surface.

  • Combats skin dimple appearance, legs heavy feeling, and cellulite
  • Destroys excess fat, increase elastin production, and improves skin structure
  • Provides the ultrasound-like slimming effect
  • Diminishes unwanted inches
  • Visibly smooths, tightens, and hydrates
  • Fights free radicals and fatty acids-induced damage
  • Delivers healthy-looking and resilient skin
  • Leads to a dimple-free, rejuvenated, and firm appearance
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Leslie Spicer
6 months 1 week ago

It's an excellent anti-cellulite cream. I improved my silhouette with diet, yoga, and Environ's spectacular cream in a month.