Pentavitin ®

Pentavitin® is a complex of vegetable carbohydrates capable of binding and retaining moisture in the skin for a long time. Vegetable carbohydrates are very similar in composition to carbohydrates in the upper layer of the epidermis and highly substantive to the skin while binding water like a magnet. As a result, it increases skin hydration after a single application.

They are natural regulators of the level of water in the skin, providing instant and deep hydration. This unique ingredient improves epidermal cell hydration and creates a long-lasting skin barrier. Clinical reviews confirm the exceptional effectiveness of Pentavitin, which enhances skin smoothness and softness by more than 50%, and reduces flaking after two weeks of use. In addition, a unique skin-identical carbohydrate complex penetrates cells, generating a moisture reservoir to power skin-plumping for up to 72 hours. Furthermore, Pentavitin is effective against irritation caused by AHA-containing products.

Cosmetics that include this ingredient are ideal for women with dry skin. After two weeks of using the cosmetic product, the skin begins to glow from the inside; irritation disappears, the dermis stops peeling off. It has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face and body and the scalp and hair. Pentavitin moisturizes, softens, and nourishes the delicate scalp, gives the hair a healthy shine density, and stops falling out.

Pentavitin® is an ECOCERT (organic) ingredient. Besides skincare products, it is also eligible for toiletries and shampoos.


What are the benefits of Pentavitin®?

Pentavitin® is better than other moisturizing agents thanks to its binding ability. Besides better moisturization, it acts longer and remains active under low humidity conditions.

Continued use of Pentavitin® leaves a cumulative "water-magnet" effect. As a result, it remains on the skin surface when other conventional moisturizers flash off. Therefore, it is a beneficial ingredient for high-end moisturizing skincare products and challenging treatments.

It's perfect for problematic, dry, mature, UV-exposed, even xerotic skin, especially in winter when natural moisturizing factors production decreases.