Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide

MBR Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide
MBR Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide Box
MBR Cross Lift Serum
Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide
Care Step: 
1.0 oz.

An intensive, multi-functional, and high-active serum for instant repairing, refreshing and sustainable results.  This concentric and balanced formulation enhances cell metabolism and improves tissue functions leaving youthful, fresh, and visibly smooth skin immediately after application.

Powered with MBR's MaxAqua complex Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide intensively hydrates the skin providing volume, smoothness, and elasticity. Neuromuscular blockers lessen micro-contractions of deeper muscles reducing the fine lines and wrinkles leading to notably smooth skin. Thanks to the unique composition of amino acids and natural extracts conditioning, anti-aging, and firming effects are instantly noticeable.

Rich in signaling peptides this incredible serum stimulates, regenerates, and renews the different layers of skin at the same time which makes it a competing alternative to aesthetic procedures, but without injections or surgery.

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles with long-lasting effect
  • Stimulates cells and activates regenerative processes
  • Improves volume, smooths, and firms the skin
  • Refines contours and evens the tone
  • Intensively hydrates and enhances moisture-binding ability
  • Improves the structure and texture of the skin
  • Provides optimal protection against negative environmental influences
How to use: 

After cleansing, apply Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide on the face. Massage gently until adsorption. Flow with the favored cream. In the morning and /or evening.

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Ellen Doris
3 months 1 day ago

This serum rescues my skin. Five stars for Cross Lift.