Tissue Activator Serum

MBR Tissue Activator Serum
MBR Tissue Activator Serum Box
MBR Tissue Activator Serum Box
Tissue Activator Serum - MBR
Care Step: 
1.0 oz.

A high-active, concentrated, and effective serum that stimulates dermal cells and activates skin's regenerating, barrier, and protective functions. Dermal tissue activation increases collagen production and organization revealing a firm, supple, and youthful appearance with refined contours.

Tissue Activator Serum effectively moisturizes, enhances water-binding ability, and smooths fine lines and wrinkles reducing shadows around the eyes, mouth, and chin. Infused with natural extracts and vitamins nourishes and protects the skin exposing refreshed, healthy and radiant complexion.

Powered with regeneration boosting ingredients Tissue Activator Serum is an ideal support for skin before and after cosmetic laser procedures.

  • Boosts tissue formation and collagen synthesis
  • Organizes collagen and elastin fibers and prevents glycation
  • Protects against moisture loss and free radicals
  • Smooths the skin and reduces shadows appearance
  • Increases skin volume, density, and elasticity
  • Lifts and defines contours
  • Nourishes and energizes dermal cells
  • Enhances barrier and protective functions
How to use: 

After cleansing, apply serum to your face and massage it gently until adsorption. Follow with favored cream. In the mornings and/or evenings.

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Diana McKay
6 months 2 weeks ago

This serum rescued my skin. It visibly changed and refreshed my face.