Cream Extraordinary

MBR Cream Extraordinary
MBR Cream Extraordinary
MBR Cream Extraordinary Box
Cream Extraordinary MBR Box
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1.7 oz.

An intensive, nourishing, and refreshing cream infused with real gold leaf flakes. The synergy of high-level ingredients including advances in medicine, the power of nature with a combination of gold radiance provides remarkable results.

Cream Extraordinary infused with one of the powerful peptide complexes stimulates dermal cell growth and renewal strengthening, regenerating, and rejuvenating the skin from the inside out. The trio of vitamins A, E, and B5 protects from free radicals, enhances cells' vitality, and speeds up recovery.

This multifunctional cream intensively moisturizes the skin and improves the moisture-binding ability significantly reducing and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.  It stimulates microcirculation, soothes irritation, and promotes collagen synthesis. The surface's structure and texture improved, tone even, and complexion radiant.

Cream Extraordinary comforts and heals even the most sensitive or irritated skin, and ideal weapon against complex dermal issues, aging, or imperfections.

  • Promotes collagen synthesis
  • Stimulates microcirculation, cell proliferation, and renewal
  • The gold particles diffuse light hiding imperfections and wrinkles, illuminating shadows
  • Smoothes expression lines, soothes irritation, and firms the skin
  • Optimally moisturizes and boosts moisture retaining capacity
  • Produces an even, fresh, and natural complexion
  • Leaves silky-soft feeling
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Amanda Paul
1 year 1 month ago

It is an excellent plumping cream that lifts and rejuvenates my skin.

Felicia Neuer
1 year 4 months ago

This is the one of most effective creams I ever tried. Bought a small one to test. It's amazing, refreshes, and smooths my skin.

Ingred Ferreira
1 year 5 months ago

Just a perfect cream. Doesn't matter what cleanser or serum used before, always the excellent result.