Cream Extraordinary

Cream Extraordinary MBR Box
MBR Cream Extraordinary
Care Step: 
1.7 oz.

Cream Extraordinary is an intensely caring cream, which has an exceptionally light texture for your skin freshness. The cream stimulates microcirculation and promotes collagen synthesis, which helps your skin about smoothing and making it silky.

The Cream is a great method for stimulating and rejuvenating skin cells. It contains gold particles, which repel light rays and hides irregularities and irritations. The most important thing is that after a while you will notice your skin surface is smoother and even.

  • Smooths and evens out the skin surface
  • Visibly moisturizes the skin
  • Gives a harmonious, fresh and natural appearance
  • The skin looks silky and smooth
How to use: 

Use Cream Extraordinary in the morning and evening. Apply some recommended serum after cleansing and opening. In the end, apply Cream Extraordinary to the skin and gently massage in with circular movements.