CEA Luminous Pearl Extreme

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MBR Luminous Pearl Extreme
CEA Luminous Pearl Extreme - MBR
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1.7 oz.

As a skin care product, CEA Luminous Pearl Extreme is an extraordinary symbiosis of a modern high-tech vitamin complex and the most effective lightening factors. It provides an overactive anti-aging effect and a perfectly balanced and lightened skin color. The product has a delicate texture and is an excellent make-up base. Gives freshness and vitality to the skin, moisturizes, smooths out skin tone and extinguishes the brightness of age spots, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

  • Gives the skin vitality, freshness and vitality
  • Reduces pigmentation changes and prevents its occurrence
  • Regulates the synthesis of melanin
  • Protects against all negative influences of the modern environment
  • Activates the defenses of the skin
  • Has a positive effect on the synthesis of elastin and collagen
How to use: 

Use CEA Luminous Pearl Extreme In the morning and in the evening. After cleansing and opening, apply the recommended active serum. Then, finally, apply a generous amount of Luminous Pearl Extreme to the skin and massage in gently.