CEA City & Sky

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CEA City & Sky - MBR
Care Step: 
1.7 oz.

CEA city and the sky is a unique skin care product. It provides your skin with all the vigour and energy it needs to defy the negative effects of our modern age and maintain its youthful aura. It’s a super care for your skin during your active life. It restores moisture, tone, elasticity of the skin. It works as an antioxidant, protects the skin, gives it freshness and brightness, makes it smooth and hydrated.


Let’s check the CEA city and the sky benefits. As a skin care product, it

  • Has an anti-oxidant effect
  • Boosts skin resilience
  • Preserves and restores vitality and radiance
  • Preserves and supports the moisture balance of the skin
  • Counteracts cell damage caused by light exposure
  • Counteracts the formation of lines and wrinkles
How to use: 

This skin care product is for evening and morning skin care. First of all cleanse your skin, then apply some recommended active serum. Now finally apply a generous quantity of City & Sky and massage it into your skin gently.