Online skincare consultation


This is a truly customized skincare consultation!

We can professionally assess your skin’s current condition, offer customized options for a daily skincare routine and consult based on your personal needs (especially on masks and serums)!

Our aestheticians also consider various factors that may impact your skin’s condition, such as seasonal and hormonal changes, medication, or lifestyle. They'll advise and give you suggestions for the accurate, personalized, and effective solution for your dermal concern.

You can achieve excellent results quickly and easily just at home! Apply now to an online assessment to learn about your skin and make it younger, smooth, and radiant!

Request an appointment with our aestheticians. Getting professional help has never been easier!


Why is it a great option?

You learn about your skin type and the current condition

You receive professional help at home

If you put up with a condition that you are looking to treat, such as hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, or acne, we will help you select the right products and treatments

You can prepare your skin for seasonal changes (wind, sun, AC, etc.)

All your questions regarding skincare will be answered

You receive a personal plan to reach your goal, may it be rejuvenation, wrinkle elimination, firming, or treating a dermal problem

Before to start:

  • Remove your make-up and cleanse your face, neck, and decollete area to allow the aesthetician to easily diagnose possible problems
  • Collect your questions
  • You can take notes during the conversation, but we will be sending you a diagnosis with a list of suggested products via e-mail afterward


Online consultations are conducted by Beauty Ambassade’s highly trained professionals, who are experts in the field of top Phytocosmetics with the highest concentration of active ingredients, such as MBR®, VALMONT, ENVIRON, or BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE. 

Looking forward to meeting you! Do not hesitate, request an appointment NOW!