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Our philosophy at Beauty Ambassade is simple: Personalized, quality cosmetics are synonymous with stunning, healthy skin. Founder Nelli Ajrapetova has spent her professional career curating an attentive and private boutique spa experience that matches European elegance with the latest anti-aging technologies and ultra-exclusive skincare lines you won’t find anywhere else. We invite you to luxuriate in bespoke face, body, hair, brow, and lash treatments that evoke pure bliss and bestow immediate results in the hands of our expert estheticians.

Your beautiful new beginning starts here.



MBR turns back the hands of time in dramatic fashion. Crafted in small batches by a team of top dermatologists, plastic surgeons, pharmacists, and skincare professionals in Germany, MBR is a world leader in anti-aging skin care that focuses on stimulating the epidermal and dermal cell functions to revamp skin cell metabolism. True to its name, MBR develops its exclusive skincare line for use in the spa and at home based on its scientific discoveries and beauty breakthroughs, earning notoriety as one of the most extravagant and effective skincare labels on the market.


From untouched resources to avant-garde anti-aging research, Valmont harnesses the beauty of all Switzerland has to offer. The brand’s origins were born out of need for a luxe skincare line to complement surgical procedures, and today Valmont continues in that same medical tradition with legendary spa rituals and products that achieve remarkable results by matching scientific advancements with the purest components and up to four times more concentrated actives than its competitors for truly regenerative, age-defying results.


Seated at the forefront of the farm-to-face movement, Éminence draws inspiration from the magnificence of nature. The brand creates holistic, healing formulas by sourcing powerful plant extracts from its landmark organic farm in Hungary—known as the food pantry of Europe—and other organic partner farms around the world. Éminence maintains the integrity and nutritional value of these superfoods by utilizing them in their purest form and forgoing harmful additivities. The result is skin care that makes you feel radiant from the inside and out.



Beauty Ambassade Signature Facial
(60/90 minutes)
$250 / $395

Skin perfection is within reach. During our signature facial, Beauty Ambassade’s experienced estheticians will create a bespoke ritual tailored to your skin’s unique needs using products from Auteur, MBR, Valmont, and/or Éminence, resulting in noticeably youthful, rejuvenated skin.


MBR Vital Derma Treatment
(60 minutes)

 This facial is completely customized for each client's unique demands utilizing medical-grade active ingredients to change skin on a cellular level for immediate visible improvements.


MBR Pure Perfection Treatment
(90 minutes)

This treatment stimulates all epidermal and dermal cell functions, leading to a remarkably renewed skin structure and a dramatic reduction of wrinkles and creases, while detoxing activities impart a radiant, illuminated, and youthful complexion. Considered an effective alternative to aesthetic procedures and Botox.


Valmont Vitality of the Glaciers - Energy Ritual
(60/90 minutes)
$250 / $325 

 A great introduction to Valmont, the brand’s signature facial from the Energy collection stimulates both skin vitality and cell renewal, two important factors in skin health, leaving the complexion fresher and brighter. Pure native collagen mask included in 90-minute session. Suitable for all ages, but best for those seeking to refresh dull skin.


Valmont Summit of the Cervin - Lines and Volume Ritual
(60/90 minutes)
$300 / $415

This undeniable lifting and firming treatment features supremely effective sculpting motions and a pure native collagen mask for the face and neck to deliver a guaranteed “wow” effect. Skin is lifted and plumped, wrinkles fade, and facial contours are redefined. Super Helix Booster included in 90-minute session. Suitable for all skin types, especially those looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep-set wrinkles.


Éminence Custom Organic Facial
(60 minutes)

Organic ingredients and plant-based extracts deliver powerful results in this personalized treatment to address concerns such as premature aging and wrinkling, sun damage, acne, loss of vitality, tone, or radiance and to impart health and beauty to your skin.


Éminence Beyond Organic Facial
(60 minutes)

Witness the benefits of going beyond organic with this biodynamic facial. Utilizing the purest ingredients nature can provide, this hypoallergenic and rejuvenating treatment is perfect for sensitive skin and those pursuing a gentler approach to beauty.


Éminence Gemstone Energizing Facial
(90 minutes)

Uplift your senses and bring positivity your way with an energizing gemstone facial. Natural gemstones like tourmaline, malachite, and citrine work in harmony with potent botanicals and actives to reveal balanced, energized, glowing skin.


Environ Facial
(50 minutes)

Highest result-driven pharmaceutical grade ingredients backed by scientific research, this treatment targets your main concerns and helps you achieve the balance you need.


Mini Facial
(30 minutes)

With the selection of brightening, clarifying and hydrating, this is an express treatment to give you that instant glow and revitalizing skin.



Collagen Eye Mask


Face + Neck Collagen Mask


Collagen Décolleté Mask


MBR Executive Gel Mask


MBR Hair and Scalp Boosting and Strengthening Treatment



For those who are unable to visit our spa in West Palm Beach, Beauty Ambassade offers 30-minute, one-on-one virtual consultations with an experienced esthetician who will analyze the condition of your complexion, discuss your goals, and provide a customized regimen with product recommendations to help you achieve your best skin yet.



Oxylight Facial
(90 minutes)

An instant makeover for when you need to look your absolute best in a pinch. Oxylight® by Sapphire 3® is a non-invasive, multimodality, state-of-the-art device that transforms nearly all skin types with zero down time. This traditional Oxylight Facial combines microcurrents, LED light therapy, oxygen therapy, and Biosonix ultrasound to dramatically improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. Skin appears firm, hydrated, tighter, and brighter after just one treatment.


Red Carpet Facial
(120 minutes)

Beloved by celebrities and skincare fanatics alike, this lavish facial employs Oxylight® ’s nearly complete arsenal of anti-aging gadgets. The experience begins with deep cleansing and diamond microdermabrasion exfoliation followed by the pure oxygen infusion spray and application of super concentrated serums, Biosonix ultrasound therapy to penetrate products deeper into the skin, and Myolight stimulation to tone, lift, and firm the face. Finally, the journey concludes with 20 minutes of LED light therapy to get you ready for your close up—and for the compliments to pour in.


Valmont Majestic Treatment - L’Elixir des Glaciers Ritual
(90 minutes)

This rejuvenating and sculpting treatment eclipses the signs of aging with Valmont’s l’Elixir des Glacier collection, renowned for tapping beauty from the beehive. Indulge with moisturizing honey, repairing propolis, and nourishing royal jelly harvested from Swiss bees along with five unique masks to address your skin’s every need. A 45-minute massage lifts and tones the muscles around the face and neck while a pure native collagen treatment for the face, neck, décolleté and hands produces a flawless complexion with smooth contours and satin radiance.


MBR Liquid Surgery Treatment
(90 minutes)

Considered an alternative to surgical and aesthetic procedures, this medical-grade treatment erases the signs of aging with a Botox-like effect, rejuvenating the entire cell metabolism and exposing truly transformed and youthful looking skin. By employing a revolutionary peptide complex that blocks muscle micro-contractions and oxygen transport mechanism that eliminates aging carbon dioxide from the cells, the result is incredibly smooth and hydrated skin. Includes a full-size Liquid Surgery Serum, which retails at $1,950, to take home.




Through the micro-puncture technique, this treatment allows skin to regenerate itself, produce more collagen and elastin, and more readily absorb topical products.


Diamond Microdermabrasion Exfoliation

In this treatment, a diamond encrusted wand with ergonomic tips glides over the face, eyes and lips, polishing to provide deep exfoliation while simultaneously sweeping away dull, dead skin cells to reveal smoother, brighter skin.



Biosonix ultrasound is an innovative hand device that couples full-spectrum LED light and ultrasound waves to stimulate lymph flow and tissue fluids, which allows serums and nutrients to deeply penetrate and be absorbed into the skin. 


Myolight Stimulation & Light Therapy

Like a workout for the face, this treatment pairs light and microcurrent technologies to stimulate muscle toning, blood circulation, and lymphatic flow. By increasing production of anti-aging proteins like ATP and transporting key amino acids through the skin’s many layers, the body’s natural current is restored.


Oxygen Therapy

Wrinkles, scars, and acne don’t stand a chance against the hydrating and healing effects of pure oxygen while underneath fullspectrum LED light. The oxygen high-pressure spray uses a pulsed injection method to infuse skin with 95% pure oxygen along with optional serums and vitamins.


LED Light Therapy

Red, yellow, and/or blue LED light destroy harmful bacteria and toxins, encourage collagen production, increase lymphatic flow, and stimulate elasticity and firmness, all without damaging the skin.


Lymphatic Drainage

This deep massage benefits the lymphatic system by increasing blood circulation, reducing bloating and puffiness, and removing toxins, thereby improving the skin’s overall appearance.



MBR Body Glow
(60 minutes)

Pamper your body the same way you pamper your face. This treatment begins with dry brushing to exfoliate and increased circulation, followed by a body scrub to sweep away dead skin cells. A massage featuring a rich, hydrating body serum and cream completes the experience and imparts a lasting glow.


Valmont Peaks of Slimness Fit and Tone Ritual
(60 minutes)

A true remodeling of the body’s silhouette, this treatment provides tangible results from the very first session by combining Valmont Body Care collection products with unique massaging motion that works on the direction of the muscular fibers to render the body toned and slender. An hour of kneading, friction, and smoothing pressure provides deep action on problem areas, making this treatment ideal for anyone looking to slim down, maintain one’s figure, firm skin after weight loss or pregnancy, or control the effects of time. Recommended as 10 sessions for best results.



Paraffin Wax Treatment for Hands and Feet


Light Leg Treatment


Hand Hyperpigmentation Treatment


Full Leg


Half Leg


Full Arm


Half Arm


Bikini Line












Full Face



Eyebrow Shaping


Eyelash/Brow Tinting


Eyebrow Shaping and Tinting


Yumi Eyebrow Lamination


Silk Lashes Full Set Extensions


Volume Lashes Full Set Extensions


Silk Lash Fills


Volume Lash Fills


Yumi Lash Lift



Beauty Ambassade offers memberships featuring discounts on services and retail products. Please call the spa for more information.



If you must cancel or reschedule, Beauty Ambassade asks that you please do so at least 6 hours prior to your appointment. Those who fail to comply with this policy will be charged in full for the services booked.