Collagen Eye Patches

A hydrating, regenerating, and plumping eye patches expose a youthful and healthy eye area appearance. Infused with long and short-chain collagens (whole native fibers, cut parts as peptides), Collagen Eye Patches effectively thickens and rejuvenates the skin while visibly lessening dark circles.

Formula, enriched with intelligent ingredients, increases tissue water-binding ability, locks in the moisture, and prevents transepidermal water loss while improving overall skin condition. In synergy with Hyaluronic Acid, they optimally hydrate the upper layers and plump up the surface, providing a smoother, brighter, and tighter eye appearance.

Thanks to its gentle and non-irritant components and natural preservatives, Collagen Eye Patches is safe and suitable for all skin types. A perfect choice for a daily skincare regimen for premature, aging, and demanding skin.

  • Improves eye area appearance
  • Thickens and plumps up the skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles around eyes
  • Boosts the cell renewal
  • Eliminates undereye dark circles and swelling
  • Optimally hydrates, smoothes, and rejuvenates the delicate eye area
  • Suitable for all skin types
How to use: 

Pre-cleanse, cleanse the skin. Firmly push the liquid container to the eye patches to fully absorb the liquid. Then apply a pair of patches to the lower eyelid with the smooth side down and lightly press on. Leave for 15–20 minutes and remove the Collagen Eye Patches. Follow with favorite moisturizer afterward. Use when needed.