Vital Derma Treatment

Perfectly customized MBR facial treatment for each client's individual requests. It's focused on MBR's BioChange® collection, with modern and highly efficient skincare products. The collection's concept is the scientific and reliable solution to promote recovery and to revive the skin‘s natural cell functions.

In short - no chance to aging!

Vital Derma Treatment benefits include:

  • Restores energy, tonicity, and freshness of the skin
  • Stimulates the natural cell functions
  • Boosts regeneration and rejuvenation
  • Incites cell metabolism
  • Provides instantly visible outcomes


Results as always remarkable. Considerably refined skin appearance with a renewed, firm, and smooth skin surface.

Instantaneous noticeable results may be enhanced and reinforced by the continuous usage of a personalized MBR regimen.

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MBR BioChange
Suitable for: 
  • For tired, pale, or exhausted skin
  • When the skin loses its firmness
  • Can be further used as a supporting procedure for any type of anti-wrinkle injections.