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MBR Enzyme Cleansing Booster
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Enzyme Cleansing Booster - MBR
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Enzyme Cleansing Booster means gentle and thorough cleansing, luxurious preparation for luxurious care. It removes excess sebum and stimulates skin regeneration, improves the metabolism of skin cells, and tightens pores.

Infused with a powerful enzymatic complex with two active enzymes and moisturizing polysaccharide eliminates surplus sebum and remains of old cells revealing clean, renewed, and radiant skin without drying it. Milk proteins with vitamins C and B3 stimulate the natural production of collagen and other ECM components improving skin firmness, moisture-binding, and elasticity.

Powered with hydrating and water-binding oligosaccharides and amino acids reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and pores rejuvenating tired skin. Medicinal kaolin balances mineral content supporting hydration and matting. After prolonged use noticeable refines skin surface structure and balances moisture retention capacity. Enzyme Cleansing Booster can be used to smooth, firm, and refresh the neck and décolleté area.

  • Deeply cleanses skin eliminating impurities
  • Stimulates cell metabolism and collagen production
  • Minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, and pores
  • Promotes detoxification and activates regeneration processes
  • Reveals smoother, firm, and radiant skin
  • Refines skin’s surface structure
  • Effective for acne (removes the acne gradually)
How to use: 

Get some amount of powder on the palm of your hand and add a little lukewarm water, mix and emulsify it until fluffy-gentle foam condition. Then apply onto face, neck, and/or decollete gently massaging with circular movements. Leave it for few moments (3-5 minutes) and then wash it off with lukewarm water. For optimal results follow with favored serum and cream. In the morning and/or evening.

Can be applied 1-2 times a week with a thicker layer, like a mask.

Average rating:


Carla Jaquet
2 months 1 week ago

It's the best product of MBR.

I use it as a cleanser, enzymatic peel, clay mask, milk moisturizer, and so on.

Cassidy Mays
3 months 1 day ago

Excellent cleanser.

Jouly Peter
4 months 2 weeks ago

It's the best powder cleanser that I tried in past couple of years. It solves imediately and feels like a gel or a face wash.
I think enzymatic cleansing is a new trend, it's more than effective.