Votre Visage

Votre Visage - l'Elixir des Glaciers
Votre Visage Box
Votre Visage
50ml (1.7 fl oz)

Votre Visage is an anti-aging cream that contains all the best packs from Valmont laboratories. This multifunctional rejuvenating cream is magic in a bottle that combines the power of Triple DNA for hydration, peaked in liposome RNA for recovery, and natural extracts for restoration of essential barrier.

It lifts, firms and tones the skin leaving a radiant complexion overnight. Your beauty deserves a masterpiece and luxurious magic of Valmont laboratory’s anti-aging expertise. The skin is velvet, smooth and tight thanks to intensive hydration and regeneration and beams with incredible youth and freshness.

  • Intensive hydration ensures volume and density
  • Initiates recovery processes
  • Eliminates old cells from the surface
  • Restores natural barrier functions
  • Regenerates and rebalances the skin
How to use: 

Apply and gently massage the cream onto the entire face and neck. In the morning and/or evening.