Snow Mushroom Moisture Cloud Eye Cream

Snow Mushroom Moisture Cloud Eye Cream
Snow Mushroom Cream Eminence
0.5 fl oz

Snow mushroom moisture cloud eye cream is a super hydrating cream, which provides intense hydration, smooths roughness, decreases puffiness and diminishes the appearance of under eye bags to reveal a refreshed appearance.

Due to its ingredients cream pulls the moisture into the skin, enhances elasticity and improves skin barrier function, helps skin appear supple and plump. It also purifies and hydrates the skin, keeps it toned and tightened, helps to minimize the visible effects of pollution and puffiness.

  • Eye area is hydrated, revitalized and appears lifted 
  • The appearance of under eye bags is reduced
  • Puffiness is reduced
  • Eye area looks well rested 
How to use: 

Let’s check how to use Snow mushroom eye cream. Apply the moisture once or twice daily. Put to your entire eye area, massage it gently with fingers until fully absorbed. Leave on.

Snow Mushroom Extract
Birch Water
Reishi Mushroom
Botanical Peptides (from Quinoa Seed)