Eyelash Booster Serum

Eyelash Booster Serum - MBR
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Care Step: 
0.1 oz.

Eyelash Booster Serum is a good choice for your eyelashes and eyebrows. It’s a revitalizing serum that stimulates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows in a short time. After using the product for a while, you will notice that your eyebrows and eyelashes grow longer and stronger. It has a good affect on your eyelash roots, it will make these stronger. It increases density of lashes and eyebrows. And finally the serum extends the growth cycle while decreasing loss of hair.

Don’t use this in damaged parts in your skin, and don’t use this before and after sunbathing. The product must not get into the eyes.


Eyelash Booster Serum benefits are:

  • Makes eyelashes thicker and longer
  • Strengthens hair roots
  • Promotes natural hair growth
  • Provides maximum moisture
How to use: 

Use this once a day. It would be better to use this at night, after cleansing. Apply with a brush to the upper and lower roots of the eyelashes or eyebrows and allow to soak in slightly. After reaching the desired length of eyelashes, you can use it 2-3 times a week.